About Rigby Leigh

Hello, it is very nice to meet you! We're so glad that you want to get to know us a bit better.

Our jewelry definitely looks and feels a little different, and that all stems from our unique process and genuinely uncompromising ethics. But lets look at what that actually means!

Our Process

From the beginning we set out to create a genuinely natural process for making jewelry, based upon ancient casting techniques from thousands of years before modern machines, 3D printing and mass production.

The technique we developed, casting the raw 100% eco-recycled 18k Gold in hand carved Oak Wood molds is not used anywhere else in the world, and has not been seen for at least 2000 years. It allows the liquid molten metal to flow into the carved wood and form naturally to the individual shape of the wood grain.

This method means that no two rings can or will ever be the same. No ring of ours can be mass produced. Every single piece we make is completely unique and imperfectly beautiful

Our Gemstones

Once we had developed this technique, we needed gemstones that matched our wonderfully
individual jewelry. Perfectly shaped stones, round, square, emerald cut, just did not seem to fit.

So we began cutting our own gemstones. This allowed us to source the stones ourselves, Sapphires directly from the beautiful state of Montana. Meaning that our stones
are the highest level of ethical gemstones possible, as they are found and cut right here in the US and not in overseas factory’s.

We also developed our own process of cutting these stones too. Removing as little material as possible in the faceting and polishing process, so that what remains is a beautifully cut ssapphire in the natural shape of the rough stone, as it was when it came out of the ground or the river bed. You can see our selection of stones here.

The final piece of the puzzle was finding Diamonds that matched our ethics and our aesthetic. Here we turned to antique Old Mine cut diamonds. Ethical because
they were mined and cut over 200 years ago and are all therefore recycled and re-used. And aesthetically perfect, because they were all cut by hand and by
eye, not with modern machines. And therefore, every stone is imperfect and shaped to the original rough diamond, just like our sapphires.

In Summary

So there you have it. Eco recycled Gold, naturally cast in wood, set with genuinely ethical, hand cut Montana Sapphires and Antique Diamonds. If imperfect is your perfect, then we would love to get to know you too!