Our Jewelry Crafting Process

The cast in wood process is based on an ancient roman technique, not seen for at least a thousand years. Developed by David Watkins, the designer behind Rigby Leigh, this method of forging fine jewelry in a wooden crucible gives our jewelry the most genuinely natural & organic shape and texture, as it is the very grain of the wood that provides the unique beauty in each piece.


All of the craftsmanship that goes into creating these one of a kind pieces happens right here, in our Brooklyn workshop. From ripping the raw lumber to size, carving the wood, setting the stones, casting the gold and creating the box for the piece out of the wood it was cast in, we do it all ourselves.


Each design is carefully carved out on two halves of wood that must match perfectly in order for the casting to succeed. Each stone is skillfully set in the mold so the Gold catches it in place in the desired manner. But, ultimately, much of the design beauty of the piece comes from the wood it is cast in.


Stones buried in the gold, inconsistencies in width and shape and different grain and texturing on each ring is a fundamental part of the cast in wood process. That is why we do it. Because it is the imperfections of nature, the gnarled tree, ripples on the water and valleys in the land that make it so beautiful.

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